Ok, what is going on?

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It’s like someone has turned a switch and suddenly loads of doors of opportunity are opening to me ..(for which I an eternally grateful)

These include:

  • the potential of work with a video company interviewing bands
  • a possible business partnership doing PAID corporate events coverage
  • possible event coverage for a public body and a charitable arts body
  • being suggested as a possible facilitator for a student employment event
  • my obsolete blog (and in particular a random post about Flock of Seagulls) picking up more than 100 visits a day even though the blogs not been updated for MONTHS!

Now, I am more than aware that I am tempting fate massively by even posting about these (fingers crossed the lack of names will help) but I couldn’t resist but bleat about it all … as I can’t quite believe its happening!

whoever has spreading my name around or wishing me good luck – I thank you!

Oh, and it’s Friday  .. which is my favourite night of the week and I’m hoping for good fun later 😉


A cow with hair like mine …

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I have to get motivated to do some Uni work today. I’ve been focussing on sorting my placement out and actually doing the work for them, but kinda forgetting I need to turn it into an assignment!

In other news my idiot of a neighbour woke me up at 8am with super loud music.and I hope I’m wrong, for his sake, but it sounds like BoysIIMen

And today I’m off too Social Media Cafe at Coffee Lounge in Birmingham. in the past i’ve tended to get stuck with some esate agent who wants free social media advice. Not this time, I need to perfect the art of the mingle.
Wish me luck

I so have to dig out my Prisoner box set

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And plan another trip to Portmerion – who’s in?

my neighbour

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WHY WHY WHY does he insist on slamming his door all the time?

How hard is it to NOT let the door slam once in a while?

Luckily he’s not here all the time, but I kid you know, in the last 2 minutes he’s slammed a door in his place 5 times. WHat is he doing, having a door slamming party?

What annoys me is that I saved this guys bacon when he first moved into the building.

He went out with all his mates, came back on his own, locked them all about an they spent an HOUR beating his door down with a golf club. At 4a. But, at the next residents meeting, I covered, saying ” who wouldn’t do that if they thought their mate was passed out the other side”?

He stayed

Wish I’d had him kicked out now, I really do.

Last night in the pub ….

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it got kinda heated ..

For one, a friend of mine got into a political debate with a drunk idiot at the bar who couldn’t really talk properly.

My friend won the debate, not only because the other guy was a pillock and clearly absolutely pickled, but also the fact that my mate is a great debater and knows his stuff about politics! (and that’s after a bunch of red wine)

The weird thing was, as usual, I bottled it and opted out of the whole thing. I’m not a massive political animal, I can’t debate at the best of times as I find it hard to stop debate getting personal and I definitely can’t debate on vodka. It makes my face all fuzzy and I can’t think straight.

Weirdly, though, inspired by my friends poltiical victory we then got onto the subject of religion.

Yes, If this had been a pub in Northern Ireland we would have been thrown out  – covering both of the subjects banned in most boozers there.

The drunk idiot had left, and so the religious debated ensued, and I must admit I did enjoy a bit of the ole verbal sparring! Me, an out and out atheist since the age of ten  – my friend, an agnostic.

Ok, so it’s hardly God versus the Devil  – but I actually found it easier than talking to an out and out believer, as they have NO give in them at all!

Then I went home …

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