Part 2 of the mysterious pink ballet shoe … the reveal

April 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

In my last post I explained about the mysterious pink ballet shoe that was sent to my house … well would you like to know what it was all about?

It transpires that Urban Ballet is the latest in the new craze of combining flash mobs and dance … flashmobs being seemingly impromptu gatherings of people who have arranged to meet in a certain place to carry out a particular stunt or activity.

So in this case, come 11am in the walkway between the 2 Bullring Buildings, it was just a normal day …

But hang on, those 2 guys sitting outside Starbucks don’t have any coffee and that girl leaning against the billboard looks kinda suspicious. Is she … and those 2 in Starbuck? and hang on .. there are 3 young athletic types lurking over her by Urban Pie …. are they?????…

Yes, there were more than 20 ballet dancers going incognito, just waiting for the strike of 11, and the music to start.


The mysterious pink ballet shoe

April 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

The other day a jiffy bag arrived for me in the post. This is always an exciting time as jiffy bags hold something interesting – a CD maybe, or some random late night drunken Ebay purchase.

This time … THIS was inside …

Now, I may not have been one of those girlie girlie kids but even I know that that is ballet shoe. One of them. A very odd thing to find inside an envelope addressed to me.

A tiny pink ballet shoe, with a pink ribbon around it.

On paper this is the recipe for me to run screaming for the hills and dig out my Doc Martens to redress the karmic balance … but this had me intrigued.

The ribbon around the shoe had the following message:

“Something is happening at Bullring …. 11am Friday 9th April St Martins Walk”

To quote a certain nosy little girl who fell down a rabbit hole, curiouser and curiouser.

So what is Urban Ballet?

Now I’m guessing this means there will be ballet, at the Bullring.

The last time I saw ballet was when school took us to watch The Nutcracker. We spent the whole time using the binoculars to star at one of the male ballet stars who had a large hole in his tights. The name of the ballet took a whole new meaning.

Today I am older, wiser and interested to see what this is about … I will report back …

Pre-Easter Malaise

April 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

Everyone seems stupidly excited about Easter weekend .. is it because we’ve all been working stupidly hard since Christmas and we all need a few days off and some serious partying?

I know, in these ‘ere parts, there is a LOT of excitement about the notorious Headphone Party at the Actress and Bishop…. sounds like a really stupid idea, a pub full of people with headphones on, but it is seriously good fun.

Oh, and it’s always carnage. Look at these losers, they don’t even know how to wear their headphones.

How about you? What are you looking forward to this weekend? Binge drinking and vomiting, or like a normal person ,are you just happy to have a few days off work?

The sad things is, that ahead of weekend like this:

  1. there is the obvious feeling that it will be one hell of a let down
  2. there is that impending malaise that sets in, as you are so keen to get out that you resent everything in between now and then.

There is only one answer: start NOW!!!

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