Insults and compliments: a 2 way street?

May 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

Are insults and compliments given or received?

If someone makes a comment that insults me, is it an insult, even though it wasn’t intended as one?

Similarly, if someone gives me a compliment, but I don’t feel it, is it stll a compliment?

Do they have to be BOTH given and received, or can it be one or the other?

Surely an insult that is actually taken as a compliment, is neither? Or both?



Bunny beware: Fatal Attraction comes to the West End

May 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

As a woman who has has the odd “bunny-boiler” moment, I was pleased to see that the film Fatal Attraction is being turned into a theatre play.

Originally starring Glenn Close and Michael Douglas – it showed the pitfalls of playing around, and Douglas’ married character gets in way out of his depth with single, biological clock-ticking Alex (Close). I loved the film because, lets be honest girls, whilst we may not have got to such lengths, we’ve all fallen for a boy in a big way. Plus is nice to see a cheating husband get caught out!

However, when the film was released the feminists weren’t happy that a powerful successful woman was actually a dangerous stalker. I wonder if the play will cause a resurgence in that anger? I hope not, although it will all help to promote the play, plus we hear that the level of Alex’s stalking has been pared down a little this time round.

And of course the animal rights lobby MAY get on board to complain, as we hear the notorious bunny boiling scene IS being left in the film. Of course it is – I’d be furious if it was taken out.

Pots at the ready girls.

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