The Big Clear Out

August 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Recently I had a revelation

Whether it’s down to me having a birthday, and hence a jot more sensible than I was 12 months ago, or I’ve simply hit saturation point – but I’ve been having a huge clear out recently.

I am an incurable hoarder.

My flat is a veritable library of DVDs. VHS tapes, cassette tapes, vinyl records, books and boxes and boxes of what would generally be termed bric-a-brac.

A few years ago I would have spent hours slaving over eBay getting rid, but as most are not valuable, it’s simply not worth the effort nowadays.

I like having stuff – its as simple as that. I have books I haven’t read because … well I didn’t really know why – until several things happened

  • I realized that I had a lot of what I would call outdated media (VHS tapes, cassette tapes) because they represented my teenage years, and I simply didn’t want to forget about those albums and films I enjoyed.
  • I realized I was keeping a lot of books and DVD’s simply because I liked having a lot of things. In my head, having lots of books make me a reader and that was  good thing. Same for DVD’s, the collection made me a film fan.

Having recently acquired an iPad, another factor in this purge I believe, I can now get access to books easily via Kindle. Half the VHS tapes don’t even work (pesky tracking issues) and with HMV on permanent sale many of them are a couple of quid on the high street, if I did ever have the urge to watch them (unlikely).

When it comes to the cassette tapes, there is a different issue here – investment. Not financial, but time. Many of these are home recordings of songs I loved as a teenager (NME in one hand and the pause-record button in the other during John Peel). But they have to go – so I’ll make a list of all the songs I have rediscovered through my tape collection  – try to track them down elsewhere – and wave goodbye to the tapes. (In addition a work colleague has a car with a tape player, but no tapes – so I’m letting him rummage through them to find something useful!)

All of this clear out has been helped in some way by the discovery that The British Heart Foundation collect furniture (of which I have several pieces) and smaller items as well.

So currently, waiting in my hallway is the following

  • 1 kitchen table
  • 1 waist height bookcase
  • 1 standard lamp
  • 10 carrier bags of books
  • 1 black bag of clothes and shoes
  • 1 box of bric a brac
So one this miraculous collection has taken place my flat will feel about 3 ton lighter, I will be able walk down my hallway without brusing my shins and I can get on with buying more crap
Maybe … 😉
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