A film that you know all the words to: HACKERS

September 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

NOTE This film could have belonged in so many categories. Jeez if someone died in it I’d probably play it at my funeral and get the full house. But I had to make a decision and “A film I know all the words to” seemed appropriate as, well, I do


Norman? This is Mr. Eddie Vedder, from Accounting

From the opening scenes you realise that Hackers is not taking itself too seriously, and that the film is going to be littered with pop-culture references. I like that – for the first time in my 36 years on this planet suddenly it’s OK to stay in all night playing on your computer. I got a strange stirring inside when I KNEW that the characters name Emmanuel Goldstein was not random, and them hacking “the Gibson” – well that’s just Geek 101.

Ok – so this film is hardly Shakespeare, it’s clunky and badly edited and the scene sequence is so to cock that you wonder if they dropped all the bits on the floor at the last minute. However, an easy script is – by default – pretty easy to remember – like a small shopping list or your nieces and newphews names.

The soundtrack kicks ass and the plot is fast-paced so it’s easy enough to digest.

However, there is more.

They’re cool. Angelina Jolie’s character Acid Burn/Kate Libby has to be the worlds hottest hacker (I’m straight but I’m not blind). She’s all body con sportswear, elfin harcut, beestung lips and a kick-ass (or should that be Hit Girl?) laptop.


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